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A number of highly professional, trained practitioners provide 'wellbeing services' within the beautiful surrounds of Le Petit Palais.

Owner/Manager of Le Petit Palais BB Villas, Sue Jackson Thomas

  • Diploma Of Therapeutic Massage (Australia)

  • Post graduate work with lead Osteopath, Naturopath, Iridologist(s) (Australia)

  • Body Work and Massage Training internationally (Indonesia, France, India) 

  • Aromatic Kinesiology (currently studying in Australia)

Intuitive Massage

An Intuitive and transformational experience that draws on 'love, grace and gratitude' to self, spirit and source.  A diversity of massage styles and techniques are incorporated in response to body, mind, spirit presentations. 

(30 minutes) $80.00

(60 Minutes) $120.00

(90 Minutes) $150.00

Moroccan Hamman Ritual

Enter the eucalyptus filled wood burning sauna, perfectly heated to 40 degrees celsius. Moroccan ‘Savoir Noir’ or black soap made with Argan and Eucalyptus oil is applied followed by a full body exfoliation.

Still enjoying the warmth of the sauna you will be covered next with Rhassoul Clay and Rose Water from the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. This beautiful experience is finished with a ‘one hour’ full body massage with pure Argan Oil.

(2.5 hours) $300

Treatment Room

Ka Huna Massage

A beautiful form of bodywork which is a unique, flowing, energetically vibrant, yet deeply relaxing, whole-body massage. It provides a holistic approach to healing in its physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions. 

(60 minutes) $80.00

(90 minutes) $120.00

(120 minutes) $150.00


Charges you with positive qualities. Unique Energy Block Release Sequences. Gentle, Easy, Meditative. Combines yogic wisdom with inspiration from contemporary sources. Can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age or physical limitations.

Yoga sequences that:

  • Encourage Flexibility;

  • Develop Core Strength;

  • Promote a Sense of Well-Being;

  • Bring Inner Balance.

Fiona graduated from the Life Foundation School of Therapeutics with a 'Dru Yoga Teachers Diploma'.


Fiona is passionate about the benefits of yoga and the immediate profound effects it has on ones mind and body. Fiona brings uniqueness to this centuries old practise, providing a sense of fulfillment and peace to all yogis (beginners to advanced).

Laughter Yoga

Interested in a Laughter Workshop at Le Petit Palais? contact Sue for more information.

Laughter Yoga is an exercise system that allows you to laugh, regardless of how you are feeling, without jokes or comedy. It’s an effective and reliable way of achieving the benefits of laughter, for enhanced health and happiness.



  • Reduces stress

  • Elevates mood and feelings of positivity

  • Lowers pain levels

  • Boosts the immune system and the lymphatic system

  • Increases blood circulation

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Enhances relationships and social connection


A laughter yoga workshop involves an introductory presentation, about the benefits of laughter yoga for health and wellbeing.


This is followed by a laughter workout, which alternates between laughter exercises, clapping exercises and deep breathing techniques from yoga. Laughter exercises initially involve simulated laughter, but with eye contact and group dynamics, genuine laughter flows.


The next stage of the practise is the laughter meditation, which is more about free flow laughter. This can be a very cathartic experience, which commonly leaves people feeling rejuvenated.


The laughter yoga workshop ends with a guided relaxation, which grounds the energy of laughter and stabilises the body systems.


Laughter yoga commonly leaves people feeling relaxed, energised and positive.

​About Connie Costa

Connie Costa is a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and Trainer, with a background in primary education. She is the founder of Laugh and Live Well and the coordinator of Bondi Beach Laughter Club, a non-profit community club. Connie is passionate about sharing the benefits of laughter yoga with others, through her presentations and workshops. She is a vibrant, yet compassionate teacher who aims to establish a safe space, so that people can access their authentic laugh, regardless of their circumstances.

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